A family-run, friendly hotel in the city of Mysore.

The Mannars Family and History

The Mannars Hotels has been run by the Mannars family for 23 years and the family-run ambience is what we hope to make you feel welcome.

Historically, the Mannars family name has existed in Mysore (India) for over 100 years, leaving a legacy of generations to continue the family path and success.

Grand Opening of Mannars Deluxe Lodge

The grand opening of the first hotel welcomed visitors in 1991 to Mannars Deluxe Lodge. Graced with children over the years, the Mannars family prospered and decided to open a chain of Mannars Hotels in their home city of Mysore.

Presently, Mannars Hotels are managed by four brothers from the Mannars family, including C.A Vasudev Gupta; C.A Ravindra Nath; DR. C.A Narasimhan and C.A Sampath Kumar. Their dedication and committment to building a family business resonates from their chain of hotels and the kind service they offer.

Mannars Properties 

Mannars Hotels are distinct in appearance, yet their modest tower block outer face has been a trending design in the city since records have shown economic improvements. Additionally, the 2km radius between Mannars Residency and Mannars Deluxe Lodge, Mannars Annex Lodge and Mannars Yatrinivas, accentuates the idyllic arrangement for a leading chain of hotels.

Mannars Deluxe Lodge resides in the prime location of Halladkeri in Mysore city,  where the entrance is arched under towering hotel blocks – a common characteristic that prevails in hotel architecture across the city and India’s commerce city centres. Strategically it is located behind the KSRTC bus stand, which is used by the local community and tourists seeking a local scenic route or ideal for travellers on a travel budget.

Mannars Yatrinivas is another beacon of humble dwellings for the Mannars family and for many visitors whom have lodged at Mannars Yatrivinas. The hotel offers a loyal service of hospitality for cheap and affordable prices, whether you are travelling on a business trip for leisure or with family members.

Mannars Annex Lodge hotel also resonates modern development in the tower block architecture that it showcases and is walking distance to Sangam Theatre, where a platform for performing arts and culture is open to visitors.

Mannars Residency has the advantage of being close to the main railyway station, as well as being surrounded by avenues of shopping options and is only a 2o minute walk or 10 minute drive from the other Mannars hotels

Our polite and friendly staff are ready to meet your needs, to ensure you have a satisfying experience in the vibrant City of Mysore.